64+ vibrant colors, exceptional coverage
Blendable & mixable for endless possibilities

Dixie Belle offers a huge variety of products to satisfy all of your painting & refinishing needs

DB Paint

Mineral Paint
64+ colors available. With Dixie Belle Paints you can skip the sanding and prep work required of other paints.

DB Clear Coat

Clear Coat
For finishing and protection of your painted piece. We offer Clear Coat in Satin, Flat, and Gloss. Easy to apply. No need to reapply.

DB Spray Wax

Easy Peasy Spray Wax
So easy, shake bottle, spray on- wipe off, wait 30 minutes and repeat! Repeat process every 6-9 months.

DB Best Dang Wax

Best Dang Wax
A creamy paste wax. It is non-toxic and eco-friendly! Available in clear, white, grunge, black and brown.

DB Glazes

Make your project pop with one of our glazes. Use before or after any finish. Available in several colors including Metallics.

DB Dixie Dirt

Dixie Dirt
An additional detail product. Available in 3 colors, use with Best Dang Wax to add an authentic age to your product.

Gator Hide

Gator Hide
"Tough as a gator's hide" finish, water repellant, & a demi gloss smooth finish. Perfect for table tops & heavy use surfaces.

Patina Spray

Much More
White Lightening Cleaner, Sea Spray, Brushes, Dixie Mud, Voodoo & No Pain Gel Stains, Gilding Wax, Patina Effects, Crackle, Metallic paints, Stencils & more!

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